Lugère - Sardinian Landscape is a project conceived by a group of Sardinian (Italy) enterprises operating in the audiovisual field. Lugère double aim is to invite and host production companies from all over the world to a trip on the island, in order to promote its artistic, cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic heritage and, on the other hand, to offer our expertise for future collaborations to be set up in Sardinia. Lugère consists of three companies:


Artevideo - Production company with 30 years of expertise in the Audio & Video production and services field, collaborating with the most important Italian companies and networks.


Mommotty - Production company focusing on Documentaries, Short and Feature Films and Advertisement, collaborating with some international partnerships


Indòru - Boutique del suono - Creative company focusing on scoring original music and sound design for Film, TV, Videogames, Advertising & Media, developing sonic imaging solutions and strategies to improve customers’ communicative potential.


Our services


We produce original video contents, from advertising to short films, animation, documentaries, movies and tv shows.

We produce musical contents, soundtrack, sound design, mixing and editing.

We cover all sorts of production services in Sardinia: production design and coordination, facilities, technical equipments, location scouting and permits, as well as a close connection with all the local professionals.